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August 2020 – COVID-19 Restrictions Update

Extract from the August Edition of "On The Marque"
President's Report - Stephen Jones

The post-Covid-19 world doesn’t look like getting back to pre-pandemic normal any time soon. Victoria is showing us all what can happen if we take our foot off the accelerator and don’t do what is right for our fellow Aussies.

Your club is stuck between a rock and a hard place. We can’t have any gatherings over our social distanced 20 (16 seated and 4 working) in the clubrooms. We can go for drives in the countryside (at the time of writing) but are we able to find a destination that can cater for us? Groups of 10 are ok but a lot of venues still aren’t open because of the lack of patronage and government restrictions. We can’t run our major fundraising events due to the confines and numbers. We’re doing alright and can continue for a few years yet without getting too worried.

I sincerely hope we can and are providing a service to you to keep you interested in your ‘feel good’ hobby (that’s the MG). We’re always open to constructive ideas. 

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