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Temporary Club Closure

Dear MG Car Club Hunter Region members.
It seems that events have placed not just us, but the world in a position where normality is on hold until an unknown date in the future.
Your car club committee has taken the position that the health and well being of the members is our one and only priority.
That is through to the end of May.
The committee will review the situation then and let you know what is happening with your club. This could be a continuation of restrictions or more hopefully a move back to normality.
Stay isolated unless essential. Think of other people before yourself and do the right thing.
We look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Steve Jones
President (MGCCHR)


Euro Motorfest is CANCELLED!

MG Car Club Hunter Region PR statement…23/03/2020

In compliance with NSW and Federal rules and regulations concerning the Coronavirus, MG Car Club Hunter Region has regrettably decided to CANCEL Euro Motorfest scheduled for 14th June.

At this stage, the Euro Motorfest event will be rescheduled for June 2021.

Thank you with regards…Ian Ashton Publicity Officer MGCCHR

Hi Folks! The Club site is still undergoing construction. We're sitting in a temporary web address until we finalise a more permanent location. The content is all live, so please feel free to take a look around.


The place with information for club members & mates.

Our Clubrooms are in the Mechanics Institute (as seen above) at 68 Elder Street Lambton.

Club Night: 2nd Tuesday Night of the month @ 7.30pm
Committee Meetings: before the club night @ 6.00 p.m

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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